What induces a deep breath when stepping into a forest?
Why do we feel dignified beauty from traditional Japanese-style houses?

Life in Japan represents a history of coexistence between nature and human beings.
People have enjoyed the blessings of nature such as the forests and four seasons.
The blessings of nature are from microorganisms deep underground,
animals running around fields and hills, and wind and water circulating sky and ground.
All of them have been fostered under the laws of nature.

Forest is not "timber".
Some standards are being forgotten.
Short-term economics are making false decisions.
Japan has many forests which has been forgotten.
Forest, is not timber.
Forest is the base for co-existence and it is also the blessing of nature.
Now is the time to reconsider the value of the forest in a 100-year perspective.

To explore the possibilities of the trees, the forest, the regional town and
the Japanese life style which has been passed onto generations.
To capture the great potential hidden in such mundane day-to-day life.
This is what Hidakuma aims to do.

Hidakuma Brand Film 2020

About the Former Kumasaki House

About Former Kumasaki House

The former Kumasaki house has been regarded as a treasure of Hida-Furukawa. Located at the center of the town, the building thrived while flexibly changing its use in response to topical demands over time, such as a sake brewery, wooden product factory, and salt monopoly business. While cherishing the traces of people’s lives engraved in the building, Hidakuma pursues development of a place that represents an era, as a new hub for creation.