Tree that can be used for a wide range of applications with strength and elasticity

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the genus Monocotyledonaceae. Ring material.

Somewhat heavy-duty, easy to cut and process. Although it has few disadvantages, it suffers from insect damage.

It is used not only as materials for furniture, decorative materials, everyday appliances but also for plywood materials. It is also a material used for baseball bats and tennis rackets because it is rigid and rich in elasticity.

Good ones grow to exercise equipment. Things with poor growth are useful as furniture materials.

Characteristics of trees

  • Elasticity / repulsion

    It is famous for being used as a material of sporting goods, especially as a material of baseball bat, from the excellent characteristic that it is hard and has repulsive power.

    • Bud
    • racket
    • Skis
  • Hardness

    Among hardwoods, it is relatively hard wood, because it is easy to process, it is preferred as a material for furniture, and it is active in a wide range of applications.

    • Door frame
    • Construction material
    • counter
  • Ease of processing

    There is strength and stickiness, and it is suitable for furniture materials and bending wood with even grain of grain. The material without grain has few cracks and good yield. The finish gets an elegant gloss.

    • guitar
    • drum