Easy-to-use materials that can be colored even with white wood

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the genus Leuca. Ring material.

Branches thick, also referred to as Harikiri (kalopanax) from that sharp thorn in many cases. The material is light, soft and easy to process.

The appearance of color, grain and the like is similar to “Ash”, but it is not as strong or durable as white ash or European ash.

One is for plywood die as the current application, Sen plywood interior wall material, door, one of the most exclusive as furniture.

Characteristics of trees

  • Bright color

    The color is a cream color close to white. At first glance, it is similar to Shioji and Yachidamo, but the material color is even brighter so the decorative value is higher.

    • Building interior material
    • table
    • counter
  • Wood grain is clear

    The wood grain is clear, and it becomes finish similar to Zelkova when painted, so Zelkova is also used as a lacquer wooden board such as a bowl as a substitute.

    • A tea chest of drawers
    • A seat
    • Lacquerware woodland
  • Easy to use

    Wood has been appropriately large, relatively few defects, easy to process, grain is also clear, it has been used as a furniture material for a long time.

    • Furniture material
    • Clog material
    • Construction material