A tree with strong ties with Japanese spirit and culture. Strong elegance of the eyes stand out, good durable and easy to process

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the genus Sakura of the Rosaceae family. Diffusion material.

Both processability and colorability are excellent, the wood is dense and glossy when polished. It is straightforward, there are few warpage and madness, and it is sticky and strong in strength.

Used for high-end furniture materials, musical instrument materials, building materials, construction materials, engraving materials and the like.

It is also popular as smoked smoked chips which are the most popular and fragrant in Japan.

Characteristics of trees

  • Various applications

    Yamazakura is a representative of somewhat rigid drilling material and was used for a wide variety of applications, including utensil materials, machine parts, building materials, mechanical parts, musical instruments. (At present, accumulation of materials has become extremely few, so that Kamba kind is widely used as a substitute for cherry blossoms.

    • Equipment
    • Mechanical parts
    • Building material
  • Elegant color and smoothness

    The skin is dense and smooth. The finish is beautiful and glossy surface finish is good, it gains gloss when polished. As furniture, cherry wood made western dance is luxury goods.

    • High class furniture material
    • Musical instrument materials
    • toy
  • The edge is not lacking

    It has moderate hardness, stickiness, easy cutting, and edges carved (scraped) are difficult to chop, so it has been used for woodchip and confectionery type since long ago. The woodblock prints have been decided as Yamazakura since the Edo period.

    • Sculpture material
    • Confectionery type
    • Edo era Ukiyo-e prints and books for printing