Representative of domestic hardwoods popular as furniture material

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the Fagaceae Family. Ring material. Narras are called aquaria by another name because they spray a lot of water when cutting down. The color is generally dusky brown, and in the straight-line material it shows a distinctive pattern commonly called tigerfish (torafu). The material is heavy and dense. Moisture content is high, the shrinkage rate is large, it is easy to go wrong. Difficult to dry. Sapwood is easy to rot and weak against insect damage. It is common with furniture material, and it is also widely used for various equipment materials and mechanical materials.

Characteristics of trees

  • Toughness

    Because it is hard and strong, it was used for vehicle materials and marine materials. Currently it is widely used as a flooring material for solid wood flooring and decorative veneers.

    • Flooring material
    • Instrument
    • vehicle
  • Graded wood grain

    It is popular as Japanese oak because the texture of wood grain is suitable for western style furniture. Especially in Europe it is still welcomed as the finest coffin.

    • furniture
    • coffin
  • To a mellow taste

    It is also famous as a material for brewing barrels of whiskey, because liquid leakage does not occur and air enters slightly from the conduit hole, the fragrance of Nara and tannins melt into the sake and finish in a mellow taste.

    • Whiskey barrels