Dense wood grain often used for lacquer ware fabric and strong durability good selling material

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of birch. Diffusion material. When scratching the bark, oil such as water seeps out so it is called Mizumé. There is also a province called Azusa from the fact that it used this tree to make a bowstow bow, there are provinces called Hansa. Although it is a tree that is usually seen, since materials are not produced collectively, they hardly appear on the market, and in general they are limited to local uses such as equipment materials, firewood charcoal materials and the like.

Characteristics of trees

  • Beautiful precise wood grain

    It is used for flooring, utensils, furniture, sculpture materials, etc that make use of beautiful wood grain. It is also used for lacquerware woodland for a long time, and Mizume is the finest one among the lacquerware in various places.

    • Flooring
    • Lacquerware fabric
  • White dense and easy to process

    It is hard to crack, has excellent machinability, can be ground thinly, is less deformed, hard to look at eyes, it does not take time to process the base of lacquerware. It is one of the main materials of Kokeshi in the Tohoku region. For parquet of Hakone (Yoshigi), it is used as a white material and also colored.

    • Tray
    • Bowl
    • Accessory
  • It is hard and elastic

    Because the material is stiff and elastic, old used a bow, it was glossy and it was often used as a threshold for not rubbing.

    • bow
    • threshold
    • Mechanical material