Easy to process, less cracks and madness, sticky material

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the walnut walnut. Diffusion material. It is hard and soft and its eyes are straight and easy to process as a material. What is well-known for the use of walnut wood through the east and west of the ocean is gun bed material. It is relatively light, that there are few deviations and cracks, that when you wipe the oil well, it will be shiny, but also that shocks are well absorbed and not repelling.

Characteristics of trees

  • Good processability

    It is light soft and has good processability. It has less cracks and madness and has high toughness.

    • Furniture in general
    • Sculpture material
    • Piece
  • Sticky and resistant to impact

    It has been appreciated that the weight ratio is sticky and it is strong against shocks.

    • Gun material
    • Racket frame
  • Beauty of coloring and grain

    If you polish it is shiny, and the paste of paint is also good. It has been used for high-end furniture materials and craftwork materials from calm color and heavy wood grain.

    • Furniture in general
    • Interior material