Wood of excellent durability that has been useful since Jomon period

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the genus Fagaceae. Ring material. It is hard, sticky, strong in water, excellent in durability, little rampage and cracking. Utilizing these characteristics, Japanese have been used for various purposes such as the foundation of buildings and sleepers since the Jomon period. Apart from its use as a building material utilizing the strength of durability, it is also popular as a furniture material from distinctive beautiful wood grain.

Characteristics of trees

  • Endurance water resistance

    It is excellent in durability and water resistance, and also resistant to insect damage and corrosion, so emphasized as the foundation of the house in times when there was no antiseptic / insect repellent treatment.

    • House foundation
    • Sleepers
    • Pile tree
  • Hardness and stickiness

    It is heavy and hard, its strength is relatively large, especially sticky. From the strength of these materials, it has wide application such as construction, ship and vehicle materials, various appliances, furniture, garages, sculpture

    • Furniture material
    • furniture
  • Unique wood grain

    It is used for the top plate of the table and the counter material making full use of the distinctive crisp and dense wood grain. Because it contains tannins, it will become a serene color over time.

    • table
    • counter
    • Flooring