Wood grain is bold and beautiful, strength and durability, hardwoods representing Japan

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the elder family Zelkova. Ring material. The material is heavy hard and has excellent moisture resistance and durability. Meanwhile, it takes a considerable drying time until madness and decay settle. From the viewpoint of both durability and beauty of grain, it has been used extensively as a building material, furniture material, joinery material, construction material from ancient times. It is a representative tree of Japanese hardwood trees, which was particularly useful as temples company architecture and the main pillar of farmers.

Characteristics of trees

  • Heavy hardness

    It is tough and has little madness and high practicality. It is a very hard wood, but processing is not so difficult. The application is very wide and it is used for every part even as a building material.

    • Building material
    • Instrument
    • Furniture material
  • Endurance

    It is tough and has little madness and is excellent also in durability resistance. A lot of Buddha images carved the zelkova material are left, and the good material of Zelkova has endured long years and is healthy.

    • Shrines and temple building materials
    • mainstay
    • Ship material
  • Beauty and luster of wood grain

    The grain is powerful and beautiful. Zelkova brazier, cabbage table, tea chestnut, Buddhist altar and so on are synonymous with the finest items.

    • A seat
    • table
    • counter