Smooth, rigid and sticky elegant material

Deciduous broad-leaved trees of the Mapleaceae maple. Diffusion material. There are only 200 kinds of maple which is useful as wood in over 200 kinds, and itai yaka maple is one of them. It is strong, stiff and sticky. Eyes are precise and precise. Kihada is smooth and elegant. Drying is difficult and hard to process. It is useful as a material for musical instruments, and it is used as harmonica and piano action material, back deck of violin · guitar and side plate material etc.

Characteristics of trees

  • Elegant appearance

    It is a relatively thin material and its use is wide. The finish of the surface is good, and the surface of the material has silky luster.

    • Furniture material
    • Building interior material
    • Instrument
  • Hard and resistant to wear

    From the hardness of the material, it is used for exercise equipment and musical instruments. It is the best skiing material for domestic skiing in exercise equipment, and in old days it was often used for bowling pins and flooring of bowling alley.

    • Equipment
    • Exercise tool
    • Piano action