A new wood material that looks like a luxury stone. We made it to a standard that is easy to use for both furniture and space.


New wood materials
Random Strand Board is a technology developed by Eswood Corporation in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture. This technology, combined with small diameter wood and scrap wood, which are not used for furniture, are used to create new materials. It is characterized by a pale, gentle shade of olive and white with a unique marble-like texture. This material is made by collecting small diameter wood, which is not used for furniture, and grinding and compressing it into chips.

It’s in the furniture, it’s in the space.
It can also be used as a thick solid tabletop if it is stacked. For building interiors that require non-combustibility, we also have certified non-combustibility specifications.

Easy-to-use standard for everything
1,820 x 910mm (3×6 board size) The board is finished in a thickness of 3mm and is as easy to use as regular plywood or wood boards, and can be used for both architectural interiors and as a finishing touch to furniture.