The movie “Your name is. In Hida bear where he lives in the city of Hida Kagawa where traditional buildings where pilot technologies accumulated are surrounded by the divine mountains which are also the scenes of the era, renovated an old private house with a former sake brewery continuing from the Edo period We opened FabCafe Hida in April 2016. Utilizing the property of forest and craft, FabCafe Hida is now a creative base where people of tradition and cutting edge, people of the region and the world, people of various fields intersect. Designs where elite worldwide gather together Camp and manufacturing sites have interesting happening. A special experience that we can offer because it is a Hidakuma who tried and errored to turn assets into value. Why do not you take the first step of the effort that nobody sees yet in the Hida Kagawa where a wind of a dignified craftsman’s temperament flows.

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Architect / Architectural Design Office

After grasping the characteristics of diverse hardwoods, we can find out how to use the right materials for the right material, and we can propose space creation and furniture making incorporating in “design” from “wood”. In FabCafe Hida’s workshop, it is possible to carefully sample samples while using a wide range of equipment from CNC and other basic wood production equipment to digital fabricating equipment such as laser cutters / 3D printers. It is possible to find and purchase such materials that there is no case of utilization so far from the timber which can be used also for Japan’s premier broadleaf tree sawmill in 15 minutes on foot. In addition, we started using initiatives aimed at solving forestry problems, such as making use of creative ideas and processes while utilizing end materials and small-diameter broad-leaved trees that are conventionally discarded while keeping material costs low We are. Camping training at the building office, training camp for young foster training, etc. are also possible.

University / graduate school / laboratory / other educational institution / company / organization

In addition to ” Smart Craft Camp ” where 30 college students from 3 countries gathered, Hidakuma holds camps to rediscover manufacturing through “timber” and “nature” · Academy of laboratories and overseas universities accepted widely There is a track record · You can learn about manufacturing and nature through wood · Consider a curriculum with purpose / schedule / budget carefully while discussing together · Recommend not only ideas but also field research and Hackasson / McCarthon

2 nights 3 day study camp program configuration example

Day 1 13:00 Check-in from 13: 00 to 14: 00 Lunch (full of fun including delicious soba and old private cafe, curry & coffee etc) 14: 00 ~ 15: 00 Sawmill that handles hardwoods * The owner’s guide is only available on weekdays from 15: 00-16: 00 Takumi Cultural Center (know the history and structure of the traditional group tree technology) * It is also possible to obtain a lecture from the architect of Hida Kagawa ___ 16 : 00-17: 00 Woodworking craftsman’s studio visit (crafts workshop which uses FabCafe Hida’s digital equipment and woodworking equipment together, from woodworking products to furniture making) 17: 00-18: 30 Walk of Hidadogawa River (Temple and houses 19: 00 ~ 21: 00 Dinner (dinner with delicious Hida food ingredients + high-quality local sake only if there is a hardwood forest) Day 2 8: 00 ~ 9: 00 Breakfast @ FabCafe Hida 9: 00 ~ 12: 00 Walking in the forest ~ Lunch (forest ecosystem and tree species, machine Noh, learn about the connection with people’s living) 12: 00-13: 00 Movement 13: 00-14: 00 Factory tour of furniture makers (see the process of furniture making) 14: 00-15: 00 Compressed cedar Visit the laboratory (Learning environmentally friendly wood utilization research) 15: 00 ~ 17: 00 Lecture and workshop on reading wood grain at furniture makers, shaving canna, bending experience etc (From the viewpoint of design & dynamics viewpoint of trees We will acquire knowledge about the characteristics of wood and various utilization methods through treatment of canna treating trees and practice of bending trees) 17: 00-18: 00 Move 19: 00-21: 00 Dinner Day 3 8: 00 ~ 9: 00 Breakfast @ FabCafe Hida 9: 00 ~ 12: 00 Production experience at FabCafe Hida’s wooden workshop (Actually produce with hardwood of Fab and woodworking machine as the material) 12: 00-13 : 00 Lunch 13: 00-14: 00 Free time, visionary soft cream experience etc (For souvenirs, local sake, miso senbei, group tree puzzle, plant dyeing etc. There is) 14: 00 From Hida Kagawa


· Planning fee set: 200,000 yen / group · Attendance fee: 50,000 yen / day · Workshop Coordinate fee set: 100,000 yen / times · Accommodation fee: 7,500 yen (breakfast included) · Dinner: 5,000 yen + all you can drink (2 hours) · Car rental: 3,500 yen / car · Large bus (27 seats): 50,000 yen / car · Facility entrance fee: 300 yen ~ 500 yen · Furniture maker factory tour: 1,000 yen / person · Lecture fee: 40,000 yen (2 hours)

Program Options

Depending on the purpose and expected results, it is possible to provide the program with customization from the following plan.

Deepen knowledge about forests and forestry

· Walking through the hardwood forest Walking through the rich forest of forests and feeling its rich ecosystems and values with the five senses · Viewing the view of the forest’s operation site visiting the live: Opportunities to see the finished wood products in everyday life I think that it is rare to see the operation site at most. By looking at the work site, upstream and down stream are connected. At the same time it will also be an opportunity to become interested in the forest of the future by learning the challenges of forestry. · Lecture on Forestry We can receive precious lectures from forestry experts who have been engaged in forest management from the viewpoint of administrative administration. For example, you can learn about the way of thinking and implementation method of forest making 100 years after learning from forestry advanced countries, forestry professionals Forester in Switzerland and Germany.

Deepen your knowledge of tree knowledge and treating trees

· Visit sawmills · Know the lumber sawing process and timber features and attractiveness from logs to plate materials at sawmills boasting the largest trees in the country in Japan · Furniture maker’s factory, showroom tour series of processes up to furniture tour , Feature of wood in furniture use, touch special woodworking technology transmitted to Hida such as compressed cedar and bending trees · Visit the research institute of compressed cedar (Hida Industrial Materials Research Institute) Utilize thinned cedar wood for furniture purposes, utilization process and Know cases of utilization · Woodworking craftsman’s workshop visit Watch full-fledged woodworking technology transmitted to Hida

Deepen your knowledge and learn from practice

· Visit the Kumagaya Museum Listen to the traditional Hida technique and its historical background and learn by touching it. There are also palm trees that can not be solved by any means, there is also a puzzle of wisdom, enjoying wisdom and wisdom · Hida Kagawa town The technique of continuing to be inherited for hundreds of years by seeing the houses (grid, clouds etc) Learn the design · Carpenter’s factory visit to the craftsmanship Beautiful detail of the functions and details of the wood in the building, knowing polite and sincere work and spirit of craftsmen · Kumiki training practice Making by actually moving hands Knowing the structure and significance of a group tree by looking at it

I feel the value of the hardwood forest with five senses

· The beautiful water born from the natural hardwood forest of Hida that tastes delicious dishes of delicious foods cultivated by the nature of Hida makes the ingredients delicious. Please enjoy delicious cuisine with rice and vegetables made with that water.

Camping base

Camping bases such as prototyping and workshops will be FabCafe Hida with digital wooden studio. There are also screens, microphones and whiteboards, so presentations and workshops are also available. A woodworking machine and a digital fabrication equipment at a time are available in the workshop, making it possible to create new and fused products. List of woodworking equipment and digital equipment

 "image 01 " FabCafe Hida who renovated an old private house with an original sake brewery since the Edo period


FabCafe Hida

Experience accommodation plan


Menu and amount

Based on the above amount, we will offer the program customized according to purpose and expected result

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us e-mail: info@hidakuma.com Tel: 0577-57-7686 Officer: Moriguchi I will introduce the contents to be learned with photographs. There is also a past training camp on the lower side.  "image15 " In Hida city, 93% of the area is forest, 70% of which is occupied by natural hardwoods and a rich ecosystem remains. However, as seen in the fact that Japan’s wood self-sufficiency rate is 33%, we rely mostly on imports from overseas of hardwoods that are said to be suitable for furniture. Hidakuma is currently working with the city of Hida to develop case examples of broadleaf tree utilization such as edging materials, small diameter trees, and branches that are disposed of without being used. While thinning of conifer trees, which has been underway only for a short period of time, is urgent, we aim to cultivate a diverse rich forest of the future for 100 years, and we are working on research on utilization of needle-wide mixed materials and accumulation of know-how. In the training camp, it is also possible to cultivate future forest thinking by knowing the various backgrounds of the forest.  "image00 " Townscape of Hida Kogawa River – Seto River with white wall doors and carp is famous tourist of Hida Kagawa River. An old-fashioned city where dignified air flows through which you can feel the craftmanship temperament. There is a convincing atmosphere that the historical poet Wakayama Mizuno’s monument and the masterpiece composer Tetsuumi Toru composed for Furukawa.  "2016-11 - 06 Fans from all over the country rush to the Hidafogawa Festival held on April 19th and 20th designated as an important intangible cultural asset of the country. The warehouse where the festival stalls were stored is a jewelry box packed with skill and soul from old times  "IMG_5991 " You can also visit the operation site of the forest with the cooperation of forestry associations and forestry houses. In the training camp, we recommend starting from the view of the forest. Knowing the logging method, the branches that are thrown away or the existence of a small diameter tree may also give you an idea of environmentally friendly tree making.  "nishino 1 " Dr. Tree, Ms. Nishino is the master of sawmills boasting the largest amount of hardwood treating in the country. When you touch hardwoods rich in wood grain, color, scent and rich individuality, you can be conscious of the life of the tree that can not be handled as one line. Looking at this sawmill, a lot of inspiration will start to overflow.  "takumi From the Asuka period, you can learn the historical and cultural background of the group tree technology typified by “Hida no Takumi” that you can propagate that Japan’s shrine temples and temples were built from the Asuka period and contributed to the country through that technique  "3 " It is also possible to learn Kumaki technology in practice. Please try to incorporate its functionality, details, aesthetic and so on into your design  "Brandon In Hida it is said that young carpenters who inherit the traditional Kumaki technology are getting less countable with one hand. Taking care of the polite work and the muscular craftsmanship may have a lot of influence on how to live and how to work.  "IMG _ 6121 " A student experiencing the technique of Hatsuri under the carpenter who has the traditional building technique. I am young as I am in my thirties and I do all the work from logging, transportation, lumbering (even sawmill tools even by myself), erection. In addition, we can also touch the carpenters’ philosophy which we are building a circulating house where we reuse materials used for old private houses and build new buildings.  "We will talk about bending tree technology at Hida Sangyo Mutsu Research Institute " At the Hida Industrial Mutsuki Laboratory, you can learn about wonders of every tree from doctor who studies cedar compression technology. Steamed trees turn to Kunekune for example.  "nishimura 6 " Through experiences of flower arrangement and tea ceremony, it is popular that we can catch a glimpse of the unique aesthetic appearance and Japanese philosophy of sorrowful loneliness flowing from ancient times to Japanese. Even Japanese, it is difficult to explain wonderful loneliness by words, but by experiencing you can convince the structural beauty of “drawing” with realism.  "image02 " At the end of the training camp is prototyping to integrate things born from a lot of inspiration to produce functional things. It is essential for concept creation to interact with people in the town. The final output also changes by recognizing issues and expectations.

Reference camp report

· Hideyuki Nakayama at the sawmill watching tour image · Hiroki activation project with Hida City ~ Architect, to Hida. A journey of value design of hardwoods · Designing camp by students majoring in New York, Toronto, Taiwanese architecture, design, media art · Timber camps · furniture from wooden camps · Kingston university in the UK · Pavilions and landscapes Hida tour of Trail Heads who was in charge of office renovation of Hida Tour · Media Gene of Mr. Yume Masuyama who is engaged in fabrication project of scale