Hida of Gifu prefecture is located in the center of Japan with full of rich woodlands. 93% of the land is covered by the forest, and of which 70% are native hardwood trees. Where hardwood trees grow boasts rich biological diversity along with nutrition-abundant soil and water. That makes the local delicacy especially outstanding, including rice, sake wine, and freshwater trout. In Hida there is a traditional wooden craft called “Kumiki (joinery) technique, having continuously been passed on by local artisans. As you walk into town, you will notice that the place is full of the craftsmanship and its culture. The houses of high quality and dignity, are lined up in a grid, are engraved with kumiki technique and artisan emblems. That is the area Hidakuma operates FabCafe Hida. Hida Furukawa’s old residential buildings, which used to be old sake brewery, have always been a charmingly treasure of the town since the Edo period (1603 and 1868). FabCafe Hida is a working hub to connect old tradition and the future with the use of the old technique and top notch technology along with the regional resources. We have prepared a few forest/craftsmanship-experience-packed plans for your stay that only Hida can offer.

First Timer’s Craft Experience Package

There are two packages available: chopsticks making and sake cup making. In chopsticks package, you will be using traditional tools including plane and file to make your own chopsticks. In sake cup making, you will be using laser cutting technique on beautiful olive colored Japanese whitebark magnolia to create a square shaped sake cup. Both packages include lectures from knowledgeable FabCafe staff, in which you will learn the characteristics of trees and how and where to apply them.
Price: ¥9,800 + tax  for one night stay with breakfast (B&B style) / person
Duration: 2 hours.


My Sake Cup x laser cutting package: In this package, you will engrave a name on a beautiful sake cup of olive colored Japanese whitebark magnolia. Makes a great gift for your loved one. Also good for your evening drink as the cup comes with a small local Hida sake bottle (Horai or Shirayumi). 
It is a short project, and perfect for those who want to enjoy the day both hands-on experience at the cafe as well as sightseeing.
Duration: 30 minutes. 

What is FabCafe Hida?

FabCafe Hida is situated in a historical residential building with a history of 100+ years, which has been treasured as the town’s “gem” since early 1600s. The facility complex offers unique experience that no any other place in the world can provide. The site includes cafe and dining area that serves great coffee and local food, workshop studio, and accommodation. This creative hub has two distinctive machine areas – wooden machinery  in an old sake brewery setting, and digital devices in digital studio, giving you a variety of hands-on experiences from craftwork utilizing top notch technology and traditional wooden techniques through professional furniture manufacturing experience with craftsmen. FabCafe Hida also offers all round recreational experiences such as forest walking and trying out natural food gastronomy.

FabCafe hida

About Accommodation

Number of guest rooms: Three Japanese-style rooms. All shared among guests. Each room can have up to 3-4 guests. The facility can accommodate up to 14 people in total.
Type of rooms: Shared rooms.
Facility: Shared bathrooms and toilets. (2 shower rooms, 1 bathroom with a shower & a tub, and 2 basins available).
Amenities: Small and large towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, Wi-Fi, washing machine, and work space
Check-in: 2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Check-out: 11 a.m.
*Please notify us if you are arriving later than 5:30 p.m.
*Please also notify us if you are arriving later than your original estimated check-in time.


Shower room / Bathroom / Basin

House Regulations
Check-in time: 2-5:30p.m., Check-out: 11a.m. Breakfast: till 9a.m. (buffet style)

Price for Children
Any children under school-age can stay at free of charge. Please note that, if he or she requires an individual futon bedding and breakfast of his/her own, there will be a charge of ¥3,000/child. 

Dinner (for a group of 10 or more)
We can cater special dinner of local delicacy for you. If you are a group of 10 or more people, we offer freshly made seasonal local dinner in a relaxing atmosphere on site. We are happy to offer a meal plan that best fit your schedule and price range.

Price for meals
Meals: ¥3,500 or ¥5,000 courses available. Two-hour all you can drink (beer/local sake/herbal sake included) from ¥3,000.



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