Wood with strength and viscoelasticity, can be used for a wide variety of products.

A deciduous broadleaf tree in the genus Fraxinus of the family Oleaceae with ring-porous wood.

The relatively heavy and hard wood is easily cut and processed. It has little defects but is subject to insect damage.It is used as materials for furniture, decorations, everyday equipment, and plywood. Due to the excellent hardness and viscoelasticity, it is also used for baseball bats and tennis rackets. Faster growing ashes are used for sporting goods, and slower growing ones are valued as furniture materials.


  • Viscoelasticity / Elasticity

    Due to the excellent hardness and bounciness, the wood is well known as a material for sporting goods, in particular baseball bats.

    • Baseball bats
    • Rackets
    • Skis
  • Hardness

    This wood is relatively hard compared with other broadleaf trees, and can be easily processed. It is preferred as furniture materials and is used for a wide range of products.

    • Door frames
    • Finish carpentry
    • Counter tops
  • Ease of processing

    The strong and viscoelastic wood has even wood grain and is suitable for furniture and bentwood products. The timber without grains has less cracking and a higher yield rate. When finished, it gets an elegant gloss.

    • Guitars
    • Drums