Easy-to-use beautiful wood with or without staining

A deciduous broadleaf tree in the genus Kalopanax of the family Araliaceae with ring-porous wood.

The Japanese common name “hari-giri” (hari means a needle and giri or kiri means an Empress tree) came from its thick spiny branches. The wood is light and soft, and can be easily processed.The wood appearance is similar to that of ashes in terms of the color and wood grain, but it does not have as much strength and durability as white ashes and European ashes.
Today, it is primarily used for plywood, which is one of the most high-quality plywoods for interior wall materials, doors, and furniture.


  • Light color

    The whitish cream-colored wood is similar to Späth's ash or Manchurian ash wood, but the lighter colored timber has a higher decorative value.

    • Building interior finishing materials
    • Tables
    • Counter tops
  • Clear wood grain

    The wood grain is clear and becomes similar to Zelkova when coated, therefore it is used for the cores of Japanese lacquerware, such as bowls, as an alternative to Zelkova.

    • Tea cabinets
    • Low tables
    • Cores of Japanese lacquerware
  • Easy to use

    The wood has been traditionally used for making furniture, since the raw timber is quite large in size, has relatively few defects, can be easily processed, and has clear wood grain.

    • Furniture
    • Geta (wooden clogs)
    • Finish carpentry