A representative domestic broadleaf timber, a popular furniture material.

A deciduous broadleaf tree in the genus Quercus of the family Fagaceae with ring-porous wood.
Japanese oak is also called “mizu-nara” (mizu means water, and nara means oak in Japanese), since a large amount of water seeps out when cut.The wood is mostly a dull blown color, and has a unique pattern in straight grain condition commonly referred to as torafu (tiger stripes),. The heavy and dense wood has a high moisture content, with larger shrinkage ratio prone to deform.It is difficult to dry, and the sapwood is subject to decay and insect damage. It is commonly used for furniture, and often used for various equipment and machines.


  • Strength

    Due to its hardness and strength, this wood was used for cars and boats. Today, it is widely used for solid wood flooring materials and decorative laminated flooring boards.

    • Flooring materials
    • Flooring materials Equipment
    • Cars
  • Distinctive wood grain

    Since the texture of the wood grain is favorable for western furniture, Japanese oak is highly valued. In Europe, this wood is still appreciated today as the top-quality casket material.

    • Furniture
    • Caskets
  • Mellows the flavor

    The wood is famous as a material for whiskey barrels. Slight air inflow from vessel pores allow the flavor of oak and tannins to dissolve into the unblended whiskey without causing liquid leakage, and mellows the taste of the whiskey.

    • Whiskey barrels