Easy to process, viscoelastic wood without much cracking or warping

A deciduous broadleaf tree in the genus Juglans of the family Juglandaceae with diffuse-porous wood.
This wood, having straight grain, is not too hard or soft, and can be easily processed.
A well-known use of walnut trees worldwide is for gunstocks. The wood is relatively lightweight, subject to less warping and cracking, becomes glossy when well-polished with oil, and does not rebound back since it absorbs shocks well.


  • Easy to process

    Light and soft wood, and easy to process. It is less likely to crack or warp, and has a high viscoelasticity.

    • Furniture in general
    • Carving wood
    • Woodworking
  • Viscoelastic and strong against shock

    The wood has been valued since it has a relatively higher viscoelasticity considering its weight, and is strong against shock.

    • Gunstocks
    • Racket frames
  • Beautiful color and wood grain

    This wood becomes glossy when polished, and can be easily coated by paints. Due to the calm color and thick wood grain, it has been used for high-end furniture and craftworks.

    • Furniture in general
    • Interior finishing material