Basic Policy

Hidakuma (henceforth ‘The Service’) is a website and digital ‘monozukuri’ café operated by Hidakuma Inc. (henceforth ‘The Company’). Personal information collected through this provision of The Service will, when handled in the course of operations, be managed with the utmost care in accordance with relevant laws and company guidelines that have been developed for the protection of personal information.


User personal information collected by The Company (this refers to information regarding the individual, including name, address, telephone number, email address, employer, date of birth, and other information that may enable the identification of individuals) is managed in line with this privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to The Service. Sites linked to from The Service and websites of the user are not covered by this privacy policy.

Note that where the user uses online payment systems operated by or PayPal Pte, Ltd. which are jointly controlled by Int’l Sales, Inc. and Amazon Services International, Inc. the user personal information collected by the companies above will be handled in accordance with the privacy policies of each individual company.

Handling of Personal Information

When member registration occurs on The Service personal information of the applicant is collected. This personal information is collected only for the purposes of provision of services on The Service and, excluding cases where required by law or cases where it can be reasonably expected to occur during use of The Service, will not be disclosed to third parties. The purpose of using personal information shall be to contact people that have contacted The Service, provision of information regarding events or services, analysis of the state of site users and service improvements. Personal information may, in part, by optionally made public by service users. In such a case this shall occur under the personal responsibility of the user and this privacy policy shall not apply.

Request for Disclosure of Personal Information

We reserve the right to disclose information regarding users in the following circumstances only:

  1. When requested to by courts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the bar association, or other institutions of similar standing.
  2. When requested to on the basis of other laws and regulations.
  3. When necessary to protect the safety or public interests of assets, rights, physical safety, business operations and similar of The Company, the user, or third parties and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the relevant parties.
  4. When required to cooperate with state institutions, regional public organizations, or parties entrusted to perform tasks on behalf of such entities in carrying out operations required by law and there is a risk that obtaining the permission of the relevant parties will negatively affect the relevant work.
  5. Where there is a particular necessity in order to improve public health or child development and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the relevant parties.

Handling of Access Log

This website records the website access log. Recorded information includes time of access, post name, address, referrer (the page that the page was linked to from) and agent (browser type and version, etc). This information is to be used for information collection purposes when dealing with server malfunctions and support issues as well as in the pursuit of service improvements and cannot be used to identify individuals. This information will not be provided to third parties expect in cases when it is required by law to do so.


This site uses Cookies. The objective for using Cookies to save information on what users have selected on the site is the improvement of site usability.

Encryption Implementation

Pages that handle user personal information (member registration, calls for events) employ SSL encryption.

Contact, Complaints, and Feedback

Hidakuma Inc.

Regarding Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy when deemed necessary.