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Let’s walk in the forest of Hida! – Forest’s Wonders Q & A

Why do you want to take a deep breath as you step in the forest?

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All Hida bear staff went to Hida no Mori “Forest of Dong District” “Ikahigahara Mogara”.
This time we will introduce the wonders in the forest of Hida in the Q & A format, taught by Katsumi Iwasa, master of guide of the forest!

Katsumi Iwasa Chairman of Hida’s Guide Association Hida City · Shirakawago Nature Guide Association Member etc.

When going to the forest, check "belongings list"!

“Let’s walk in the forest of northern Hida” Here is the check list of belongings

here we go! Leave for the forest!

I will enter the forest in the dong district of Hida’s outback.

In this forest many tree of beech, tochi, walnut, and ho that you often see in Hidakuma wood factory can be seen.
These are trees that grow in the vicinity of water, also called riparian forest ( Kawabe forest , Kawaharin).
Especially the beech tree has the function of collecting water such as rainwater to the root so that it can be said “green dam”, it is said that 8 tons of water will be extracted from one beech tree.

It is now a waste village, but people lived there until 2011.

Round beech leaves with lovely round shapes.

The water in the forest is cold. Perhaps the settlement flourished for this water.

Such a trace in the auditorium of the shrine!

Why is it so damned, only a part crumbled?

This was not a deterioration, it was a trail marked by a bear.

Those attracted to the smell of thinner contained in the paint such as paint and stuck.
Painting may be a favorite item for a bear so that humans want to eat coffee or chocolate.

Furthermore, beech which grows in this area is the best location for the bear so that the bear makes high calorie fruit with a favorite protein.

I continue to walk and discover a big trees tree!

Do you know how many are growing?

Actually one tree wood!

Kazura’s vitality is very strong, and even a single one is innumerable from the root to survive.
That way it is mysterious like a thousand hands-on sound! It seems that there are also regions used for sculptures such as Buddha statues for a long time.

Because the life force is strong and the life span is also long, beech trees with lots of big trees, measuring around the tree by hanging strings, how much 20 m!
It is the largest in Japan and ranges in age from 100 to 1000 years.

When I continue walking I find a coniferous forest that grows around the shrine. Hardwoods such as chestnuts grow together.

Why do you see such sight in Hida area much?

To nurture a straight chestnut tree easy to use for construction etc.

The hardwoods that can grow in these places seem to have many artificially planted trees.
In order to raise it into a straight tree, planting with a conifer that is good at growing straight, the artificially planted tree learns from the surrounding coniferous trees and grows straight.

Moreover, by planting near the shrine where people enter and leave, people of those days may have lived while confirming their daily growth.

Lunch break! The strong taste stings into the body.

The taste of the darker is not to rot even putting it in the backpack in the summer.
It is ” Hida no Mori Valve ” with a bamboo package that does not have any discomfort even if it spreads in the nature.

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Next time we visited "Ikegahara Marshland"

The Ikegahara Mogara is a low-rise marsh in the Oku Hida Mikawa Flower Prefectural Park (wetlands found in the lower stream area of rivers and shallow groundwater levels)
It is a famous place that it looks like Konomori cho of “Your name is” from a distance view with a mysterious scenery.

Ryukinka of a yellow flower that blooms in the wetland in June.

"Mizuhashi" spreading through the wetlands in early May is a specialty of this wetland.
It was blooming in the shade. Bears also come to the marsh for the fruits of water basho.

A can hung at the right entrance of the picture!

Why was it installed?

Avoid bear when entering the forest.

I hit this and give out a sound.
The reason why the bear strikes will be attacked by self defense when surprised, so let the human side inform you with the sound and send a signal saying “I am here right now”.

Let’s walk in the forest for each other, such as “walk with a bell · play music”!

Unfortunately the time of Mizuhashi was past, but this scenery became my favorite. It is a fragile and beautiful scenery.

However, this tree is "a tree not needed"

However, the beech wood reflected in this picture has the property including water as written above,
Because this tree sucks moisture to moist the marsh, it is said that it is better to thin out for the protection of the marsh.
It may be such a reason that it appears to be fragile.

We are looking for volunteers!

7/15 (Sun)
We are recruiting volunteers to remove foreign plants from this Ikogahara Mire.
After the work is finished, a flute mini concert will be held in the forest!

Click here for volunteer recruitment page
NPO corporation Hida City · Shirakawago Nature Guide Association


On this occasion, would you all be in the early summer Hida forest?

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And finally to "Sato no Sato"
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