• DIY wood working plan
Enjoy Hida with FabCafe Hida’s Monozukuri Plan! A super-authentic dining table that can be made in 3 days and 2 nights.

In FabCafe Hida, a new plan “Forestry experience plan” began in July. While staying at FabCafe Hida which opened a new accommodation function, you can do manufacturing together with full-time staff. The things you can make vary from chopsticks to dining tables. From individual customers who wish to DIY their furniture, we have used it to a wide range of people, “We want to check the furniture in houses under designing by themselves for their convincing finish by themselves” . Well, this time we will present a table that we made together with guests coming all the way from Tokyo. I will tell you the process with photos.  ""

“The chance was the table of” Mixed mulch hardwood “that I met when I visited the office of Loftwork in Shibuya. I fell in love with the story of Hidakuma’s launch and the texture of that tree and I thought that I wanted a table of Hida’s tree. “

I was told that such a thing came to Hida. From there immediately to inquiries ⇢ to Hida. A wonderful action force … I want to learn.

From the sketch like this

A small dining table that can be used by 2 to 3 people. It keeps compactness without taking up space, but by making it “onigiri type”, it is as large as you can lay luncheon mats (because it is hard to lay down if it is a regular circle, because triangles are too narrow). It was hope that legs should be formed with three legs.

Based on your request, design the production drawing and 3D image.

 "image12 " By using joints outputted with 3D printers, legs become legs just by inserting the square material (And, in woodworking it can be assembled at a very difficult angle!). It is possible because FabCafe is also making monozukuri that combines digital. It was designed to be able to produce with a top board and legs for 2 nights and 3 days.

<Day 1> Choose a tree that suits you

From more than 10 kinds of trees, choose a tree that suits yourself, considering various factors such as touch, smell, grain, color.  "image 19 " ◯ specialized in weight saving cri, walnut, tochi, ho, katsura used in a humid environment, chestnut, cherry, wheat ◯ white whorish , sparrow, beech, maple hard to break breaking wood Nara, mice, cherry , Zelkova, hippopotamus By choosing timber at the right place such as wood crest, zelkova, nara, etc. where the grain is clear, we can draw out the power of the tree more. In addition, it is possible to mix “different types of trees” by mixing them. It is a unique way of making Hida where you can get a wide variety of hardwoods.  "image10 " After contemplating, we chose walnut, cherry, wheat grass, sparrow, beech, and chick.

② Grinding – Cutting out the wood grain and cloths you want, while anticipating the completed figure –

This work is directly linked to the final finish. Consider the wood grain, knots, sapwood etc from the state of the plate material, cut out the part you want, we will saw the saw.  "" We will size and decide criteria to cut. Oh, this fish is so cute. It is possible to say anything.  "image22 " I cut it roughly with a machine called band saw.  "image15 " ↑ This is a machine called planer. It is a machine that can easily do canna brushing, making the surface flat and flattening the reference surface. From this state ↓  "image17 " "image6 " ↑ It became it!

③ Crimp – Crimp the plates together to make it a top plate ~

It is quite troubling this work whether it is possible to arrange the trees in order. The plates are crimped with adhesive, but in reality there is a reinforcement called “biscuit” between the board and the board.  "image8 " ↑ Process the biscuit hole with a special cutter and beat the biscuit with a hammer  "image18 " ↑ Crimp firmly with clamping, if you dry it overnight the width is complete. Customer’s comments after the first day ↓

“The place to decide the arrangement of the six kinds of boards is the most troublesome thing! The impression changes only by slightly changing the arrangement, and the grain looks different considerably in front and behind even on the front and back, and it is interesting.”

<2nd day> ④ cut into rice ball type

If you use a band saw, you can cut free curves with freehand.  "" ↑ Cut by two people because the size is large. I am safe to cut safely and I am relieved. . It is a process that can not fail.

⑤ polishing

With Thunder, we will polish and clean the protruding adhesive, scratches, irregularities and so on.  "image2 " ↑ It will take about 3 hours to continue polishing all the way from a coarse file to a fine file.

“It is comfortable to get more and more smooth as you make the squirrel eyes finer and it is comfortable! While checking the feel with hands, it faces trees in an innocent way, it seems that there is an action close to meditation, Time goes by. “


⑥ Oil finish

By painting oil, it enhances the beauty of the grain and it becomes strong against water and dirt at the same time.  "image20 " "image7 " It was such a beautiful finish that made me feel enthusiastic! In order to dry the oil, let it sleep overnight again. Customer’s comments after the second day ↓

“I already love affection, and I went to see a plate sleeping in the middle of the night.”

<3rd day> ⑦ a second oil finish

 "image13 " Basically, it is appropriate to paint more than twice. Grind it with 400 sandpaper so that only a little painted oil film is stroked a little, then apply oil again. By doing this, it is more resistant to water and dirt, and the touch becomes very smooth.

⑧ Making legs

The top board was completed, so I will make legs next time. ↑ The 3D printer that had been moving all the while during the production period. The material is PLA.  "image16 " Process the leg material while grinding the size little by little so that it fits perfectly with the 3D printed joint. By the way, we used a sturdy cloth while the material is lightweight.

⑨ Completed after assembling!

Only three days, a fine table was completed.  "image4 " The pleasure of the completed moment is a sense of accomplishment that can not be replaced anything! By inserting a small square material called a wood plug, to prevent the joint from coming off. It also becomes an accent of appearance.  "image3 " ↑ How to fasten the legs and the top board is like this. If you also design screw holes on 3D and tighten wood screws to the standard there, you can easily fix the legs and top board.  "image23 " ↑ It is possible to knock down anytime.  "image5 " With Laser Cutter, Hidakuma logo and date stamped! I feel more premium feeling.  "image14 " A group photo with everyone after completion. Including the legs, a luxurious dish using seven kinds of hardwood trees was finished! I mean … I want one too. Bonus We are sending you a postcard with a picture of how to clean and care for the last time. (Incidentally this is printed directly on the tree with a UV printer!)  "" Comment after completion

“Experience of a lifetime, even a beginner like me can do it with perfect support.The townscape of Hida Kagawa is beautiful and I like it.I also have time to spare and I want to go play. What are you going to make? “

… It is feelingless just by thinking like that. How was it. Through the experience of “making”, you can learn the knowledge of the tree, and attachment will also increase as you will be able to clean up while having fun. In addition, we can also fully enjoy Hida sightseeing so we can do just that! You can also make the price cheaper than having a furniture store make it custom made. Why do not you come and visit Hida to make things.

Production Price Reference material: chestnut, walnut, cherry tree, wheat plum, mizume, beech, nara production days: 3 days Production plan: original furniture DIY plan fee: 100000 yen ※ material cost, accommodation fee, order design cost, staff support guidance cost It contains

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