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First Product out on the Market that connects users and forest – Hardwood Furniture for Cat ”Modern Cat Tree NEKO”

On Friday, December 22, 2017, with a collaboration of Hidakuma Co., ltd., RINN Inc., a renowned cat product company with life style, just have hardwood product, Modern Cat Tree NEKO, on the market.

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Modern Cat Tree NEKO was designed by a product designer and one of the RINN’s partners, Yoh Komiyama. Hidakuma directed the production in partnership with a local wood craftsman Masaaki Ito in Hida.

Greek marble, Japanese hardwood, Danish textile from a renowned maker Kvadrat, and Japanese hemp, and steel… these are the materials used for Modern Cat Tree NEKO.

Best materials and top notch technology are what’s required for the product. Hidakuma made it possible to realize them by making the most of our business network and partnership along with Hida’s hardwood and craftsmanship.


Selected Materials Connecting Users and Forest

Wooden materials we used are hardwoods including cherry birth, conker, beech, maple, and chestnut, which were all available locally in Hida forests at the time of initial production. Using local and easy-to-access-to wooden materials offers benefits: it has less delivery cost and time, and users will have a chance to be exposed to our local forestry. This product presents itself as a “window to see forest”, which may intrigue an interest for forestry as well as plantation among the users.
Hoping to support stable supply of domestic wooden material, Hidakuma has been focusing on developing specialized product in cooperation with specialist since 2018, and Cat Tree is one of the great examples.


Great Partners to Work with Overcoming Challenges in Natural Wood Projects

Product Design was left to Yoh Komiyama, who is well known for his products with a good balance of minimized function and top quality beauty. His complicated and delicate design has been realized by Hida’s local craftsman Masaaki Ito. Ito has been a long time partner with Hidakuma, and we jointly worked on developing products including IoT electric appliance with solid wood in the past. Thanks to his knowledge, technical skills, and perseverance, we overcame challenges throughout the development process.


Minimizing Process Time with the Support of Digital Fabrication

To complete the development within a lead time of two months, from the point of inspection trip to Hida till finishing the product, digital fabrication at FabCafe Hida and staff’s creative approach were the keys to success. In a conventional method, each piece of wood will be cut after taking apart the temporary assembled polls. In this project, however, we set up a disc-shaped jig using a laser-cutter, and cut each poll while assembled in a complete form.


Photo Gallery

Photo by Tomooki Kengaku

《Modern Cat Tree NEKO》







Sales: RINN Inc., (CEO : Masahiro Ryohara)
Designer:Yoh Komiyama (YOH KOMIYAMA DESIGN)
Production Director:Hidakuma Co., ltd., (Director: Kotaro Iwaoka)
Production:Masaaki Ito (MIYABI JAPAN)

Product Specification

Product Name:Modern Cat Tree NEKO
Price(Tax not included):1,000,000 yen
Size: W628mm × D628mm × H1822mm
Country of Product:Japan
Weight:Approximately 30kg
Materials:Marble (Greece), Hardwood (Japan), Textile from Kvadrat, Hemp (Japan), and Steel
Product Website:https://rinn.co.jp/neko/en/