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Message from Leslie for the Creative Writing Retreat in March

Creative Writing Retreat


People have asked me what kind of writing happens in my workshops

Fiction, nonfiction and poetry are equally helped. In the group dynamic, everyone gives feedback, everyone says how the words being expressed are working. The skill is self expression–it is not necessarily geared for business writing but I suppose if someone wants to write the personal story of their business, than yes writing creatively helps! Telling a lively story of one’s background and business helps make  it more personal for others. Sure, anyone with questions I’m happy to answer. People in school are often told they’re writing is bad because of grammar errors, so they think they can’t write. This style of workshop gives them the confidence that, yes, they have a unique creative voice they can learn to develop and use with confidence. I’ve seen it happen, it’s happened to me. Or for busy people who used to write, enjoy writing and want to do more of it, it reminds them how to get inspired by everyday life and to make time for writing. It’s super easy to say , “I have no time to write,” but through this workshop you see that in an exercise of only 20 minutes of writing, there can be some great starts, and starting can get you excited and want to continue writing. It’s like exercise. You say you never have time, but if you do 20 minutes of sit-ups and push-ups, you’ll see results, and those results may excite you to continue getting fit. You’ll also have new energy. That’s how these workshops are meant to do for writing.


Please find some of the works written by the people who attended the Leslie’s workshop in the past.

Creative Writing Retreat in March