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33 programs connecting forest and town – Hidakuma Autumn Festival 2017 Report

We held the third Hidakuma autumn festival under the theme “Connect forest and town” for 2 days from 10/21 (Sat) to 10/22 (Sunday). There were three places of stage, Forest, Town (Furukawa cho), FabCafe Hida. A total of 33 programs were implemented. Hidakuma Fall Festival 2017 program  "37245849054 _ 9 e 22 fd d 17 b _ k " The purpose of this time is to make the distance between the forest and the person physically and mentally closer. Even though people realize that forests are important platforms that fulfill their function as social capital and can not live without forests, in their everyday lives, the functions of forests and the roles they play are particularly It is something you can spend without consciousness. It comes from the question and frustration that it is not the linkage with the forest as the judgment material that decides every single action of everyday. For example, Finland, which has the same amount of forest resources as Japan (forest in about 70% of the land area), is currently about 130% self-sufficiency of timber and about 30% in Japan. Finland is also exporting abroad, and we are emphasizing forestry as the core industry that supports the country. Forresters who plan forests for 100 years are all yearning professions (please see this blog for details). Forester who is grasping the needs of end users while promoting policies with the country is a universal list (a versatile house), it is a communication force to get in touch with diverse people, as well as having a wealth of knowledge, It is a very longing occupation that requires a variety of abilities, such as the ability to educate and lead people, new ideas and creativity, strategy planning and execution ability, foresight seeing the future, can not be easy is. In such Finland, the forest is a familiar playground (playground) of people. People can play freely in the forest as long as there is a rule book published by the Ministry of Environment, Everyman’s right, if even certain rules are followed. Yes, the country provides forests to citizens as a public park like role. There are times when you want to have a slow time with your family or lover, do you? Even if you relax at a park full of people, you are concerned about the eye and 100% can not relax. But in the forest, there are plenty of places to be private. Look for the thickest tree that is the most calmly, sit back, make a fire and cook, sniff the scents of trees and flowers, listen to the sounds of leaves and animals and insects, bask into the sunlight through the trees, Enjoying sports, such as in the woods is infinite, and when you go to the forest you will be surprised that you can receive more blessings than you imagine with your head. Children and adults are the perfect platform to sharpen their sensitivity and become creative. By the way, the countries of the Scandinavian peninsula such as Finland and Sweden have diversified products using wood even in daily life. (It is also a wonderful design!) Aromatherapy products using forest plants, etc. are treated as high-grade materials in Japan, as is natural at airports and public facilities. Although it costs more than chemical products that can be mass-produced, we can feel the national policy of nurturing highly conscious people through our daily living environment and education. In their consumption behavior, in addition to getting material satisfaction, it is natural that they will fulfill the desire to meet the higher level needs of the global environment and social contribution one step further. Furthermore, through consumer behavior, it seems that understanding of social structure where producers and users support each other is deeply rooted in education, culture and life. It is a glimpse of such maturity, sophisticated culture understanding how to use their own money money to protect and inherit the traditional industries of the country, appreciate art and nurture it I will. The signal emitted from the head to decide such behavior is reasonable, natural and spontaneous. I think it is a manifestation of human beings feeling the joy that is integral with nature on a daily basis. For example, will it be so if the forest is closer to life in life? I wanted to confirm such a question, I reached the concept of Hidakuma Fall Festival 2017 this time. Through enjoying the whole body through the five senses, I want to pack such a program that learns a sense that connects with the forest deeply into deep psychology, a sense that is quite understandable. Connect forest and town. Under the theme of under the theme of processing, using, using, eating, wearing, living in the town where living is done, the material obtained in the forest. It is not just about recognizing that materials essential to daily life are from the forest, but unknowingly healed from sensory nerves by playing in the forest, such as knowing the important function of the forest that you do not usually conscious. In such a program, we have a dinner with forest ingredients, a spoon for eating with forest wood, a chair for living in the woods of the forest, decoration to make it more comfortable with the flowers of the forest, Making art with forest material, taking pictures to enhance sensibility with color of forest, cooking with fire of forest wood, and further recall the smart lifestyle by combining the latest IoT “To the future Connection “of the program. In spite of the event season, despite the event season, despite the event season, the weather was blessed with rain and typhoon, but the weather was cloudy with rain on the first day, the forest stage program was held without incident Yes, on the second day, except for some programs, we moved to FabCafe Hida and held it. Together with this, as a management team Hello Katada, Mr. Kazuya Tanaka, Mr. and Mrs. Shida, Mr. Masao Ginta, Mr. Okamoto Shota, Many people of Hida and region Thanks to everyone who participated and supported from outside. I could not have held without your help. I’d like to mention everyone’s name I would like to thank at the end of the sentence. Thank you very much for your great support. After that, it is easy, but I will tell you the program with the photos.

Guide sign to the forest stage. Tsunoda Katada and Mr. Shoichi Okamoto actually walked and verified where the person got lost and set up signs in several places

Despite the typhoon forecast, a lot of people came

Entire map of forest stage, town stage and FabCafe stage

The stage of the forest

 "24104055338_5141680116_k " The forest stage which became the main venue was borrowed by Stove Bee who opened a shop of a good wood stove in Takano in the new Furukawa Town. Stove Bee advocated a life with fire on a daily basis, and we deal with many kinds of wonderful stove. Please try going to wonderful stove of lovely forest once by all means. At the Mori Stage, 13 programs were held. · “Spoon collection in forest” ~ Take branches of trees, make a spoon, eat curry ~ · “Forest dinner party” ~ Mori’s material received, cooking, supper · ~ “Hida no Mori bar” · “Iriyoshi Circulation Art Camp” ~ borrows grass and branches of material returning to the earth, delusions and builds a modeled work ~ · “Forest shooting workshop to derive sensitivity” · “‘Pan birth’ – fermented architecture ‘~ An attempt to make architecture with bread. People and fungi collaborate to create “Symbol” of Forest festival ~ · “Drip stand making and drip coffee workshop” · “Let’s enjoy fire everyday” · experience of making pizza and firewood fare experiences in stove · experience from Finland Outdoor sauna · “Forest Kanna shaving” · “Forest coffee shop” · “nuegarajua leather craft shop” · “Itabashi Flower shop Dry Flower Shop”

"Collecting a spoon in the forest" - Take branches of trees, Make a spoon, Eat curry ~

Spread the table in the forest and have curry by using freshly made spoon

Gather branches in the forest that are easy to make spoons

I will use a spoon making kit

It is completed by scraping with a file

"Forest dinner party" - We receive forest materials, cook and dinner -

There are 22 kinds of foods on the menu!

Materials collected in the forest are abundantly used. Vegetables, wild grass, jiba, fruit, fruit, grain, mushrooms, miso and so on. Using plenty of raw materials of Noyama from Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamoto living in Hida no Sato mountain.

Chef Morimoto Momoyo squires her arms

A wonderful production of the banquet was created with the cooperation of Mr. Sugamoto from Mr. Ginbara and Itabashi Fumizana

Itabashi Fuyuka store arranged a beautiful dry flower

Mr. Mr. Grapevine arranged the lighting with the tent

"Hida no Mori 's Bar" [OUR / FOREST] presented by OUR / VODKA & LIQUID WORKS
Saito Keita, a bartender who ran from Tokyo

All six types of liqueur soaked Hida herb, Menamomi, Chromoid, Mulberry, Nara, Kihada, Basil in Vokka. It is like Tsukamoto living in Hida Nosori mountain picks up the wild grass that he carefully raised so it is receiving natural energy as it is.

Also known as Strawberry Tomato's "Horizon" accompanied by a basil vodka

A creative space created by Mr. Katada's handmade counter of a woodworking craftsman. The signature is also handmade by Mr. Katada!

One of arts of art camp. "Ship floating in the forest" Art using forest material is left until it returns to the ground after decaying and hopes that people who come to the forest can be touched. When looking at the side of the forest and flying on a ship, it seems as if he seems to get lost in a fairy tale, the overlooking Hida looking at the ship when facing the town side looks as if he got on a ship in the sky, , It gives us a sense of wonder and enveloped in many inspiration

You can lie down and sit on this piece, and how you play is up to you

Created together with participants from conifer forest trees and branches and leaves owned by Mr. Tsukamoto in Furukawa Town Takano

Mr. Ippei Yuhei artist

One of arts of art camp. Thatchgrass art "Dancing bearwax insects"

Mr. Takuma Fujiwara of artists in front

It has a skillful structure, you can enter inside from the ass of Kumazasa worm, and only face can be put out from bamboo grass. Art that can be played like a cradle when shaken. Changing the color with the seasons, changing the appearance, and eventually returning to the earth decaying.

Made by Kamakura in Furukawa-cho Town of Kamakura Forest of hardwood forest mainly made with bamboo, trees and branches as a material

Mr. Ishizuka who led the bio club and Mr. Horiki who is the architect who baked the fermented building "bread" superbly, tired and stunned

The kettle to bake bread has received much cooperation from Tanaka construction team of Furukawa

I borrowed the rice field from Mr. Iwashiro, and went through a tower from scratch

A shuttle like a stock carpent is completed

Mr. Ishizuka of the bread team, fermented the bacteria residing in the wild grass collected from the forest of Hida and raised yeast

Everyone learned something about yeast and performed a pre-event to build yeast with FabCafe Hida

We cooperated with many people in Hida and kneaded a large amount of leaven for 2 days

Furukawa Yanna tells me, miraculously discovered Moson bamboo, and Horiki, a construction team, collects bamboos

Mr. Tanaka of Tanaka architecture even took off his skin again here

A family visiting by chance came from France to visit bread

Naomi Iteni who leads the "shooting workshop of the forest to bring out sensitivity". Her clear work is very popular.

Coffee workshop collaborated by Mr. Katada of woodworking craftsman and Mr. Shiraishi of coffee craftworker.

You can easily bend the brass which becomes the foot of the drip stand by using Mr. Katada's jig made with laser cutter of FabCafe.

A wood stove pizza baked experience sponsored by Stove Bee who offered the location of the forest stage was extremely popular and people gathered together

The baked pizza has a special taste produced by the wood stove

Children playing with Kanna scrap pool that Hida's "Widening Pigeon Committee" has offered. It is important to play with trees from childhood

A test drive experience of the electric mountain bike "XM 1" that we offered with the cooperation of Panasonic. Thanks to it, it became an important function to circulate the forest and the town.

Curry by Fuji Coordinator 's Yuiki Chikako is an adult popular!

Mr. Sakamoto of Itabashi Flower Shop develops a dry flower shop. Mr. Sakamoto decorated the dinner party wonderfully with its sensitivity

"Nuegarajua leather craft shop" sells leather goods that Mr. Mr. Grapahara is making for himself, a reliable brother who offered dinner equipment and lighting. The goodness of the sense was shining!

For delicious coffee this person! Coffee stand where Mr. Shiraishi creates old beans with hand drip.

FabCafe Hida Stage

 "37955259541 _ fbd 809 c 4 f 6 _ k " FabCafe Hida held 8 programs. https://hidakuma.com/events/hidakumaautumnfestival2017/#c5 · Film Screening “Chef ~ Mitsuzu Food Track Begins” · Movie Screening “Mild Revolution” · Live Performance of the Forest Diva “Tree” · Architect With Hida’s natural wood stool · Hidakuma tree living shop · “mui” exhibition and talk show · “forest super love” – a talk session by a woman riding a horse and a man manipulating the machine · · FabCafe Hida’s forest cafe

The live performances by the forest 's diva "Kamo" were too luxurious, it was a time of tears of impression

Exhibition and talk show of the lifestyle interior product "mui" provided by NISSHA Corporation. Mr. Okada of Hida Industry, Mr. Toda of Shibususa Ryuzo Kiln, Mr. Oki and Mr. Hirobe participate from mui. An interesting discussion on the relationship between trees and living was made possible by moderation of Hidakuma Iwaoka
Please click here for interior products "mui" to connect with IoT.

FabCafe Hida provided baked goods such as coffee, biscotti and scones. A bit digital board on the counter is an interior wood product "mui" that conveys information with a touch sensor incorporating IoT

Some customers came to seek Soileat table - Saba Din Sand provided by Ms. Fumihara Ayumi hosting a food studio "1760" at Takayama!

On the second day the kitchen of Mr. Yuge who moved to FabCafe hida because of the typhoon is extremely popular!

Mr. Shiraki of the white chestnut real estate that he instructed directly from architect Mr. Shigeru Kuwabara, who participated in the "supportive stool" that he designed and produced.

I will experience myself from cutting wood using a woodworking machine

Complete each individual part

Combine and bond and wait for drying

Customers who came from Mie Prefecture who experienced full course of Hidakuma autumn festival

We stayed at FabCafe Hida, moved between the forest stage, the town stage and the FabCafe stage on a Panasonic electric mountain bike, experienced the program of each stage, completed the stamp rally, and used as a prize with a laser as a prize I carved my name!

At the FabCafe Hida stage, I experienced hardwood chopsticks making

Hida Kogawa Town Stage

 "37955427291 _ 1 c 11988 aa 4 _ k " At the Hida Kogawa Town stage, we had seven stores and facilities participated and each of our original programs was expanded. · Medicinal herb tea ceremony @ Kobudatei · Kudragiti flower ball making @ Kobitatei · Accordion and 3 o’clock snack @ Ichinoku coffee shop · Kimonari book @ Hida city library · Bicycle rental circle connecting forest and town @ SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE · Autumn Festival special sweets sale @ Okubo confectionary shop / autumn festival special caramelise walnut & kinako miso senbei sale @ Inouhiro Miso rice cracker

Event listening sweets while listening to the accordionist Chikako Ito performed by accordionist at Ichinosecho Coffee shop

In the Okubo confectionery, Hidakuma Autumn Festival 2015 was popular and the autumn festival characteristic Hidak Manju reappears!

At the Hida City Library, a nice program to borrow from the librarian the book "Worrisome" for children who brought the acorn "pick up trees" in the forest was entitled " It was!

Those who would like to thank you for borrowing this place

* Order below, in no particular order


· Stove Bee · Mr. NISSHA Co., Ltd. · Hida Sangyo Co. · Mr. Tree and Living Works · Mr. Kanemoku · Panasonic Corporation · Nishino Sawmill · Ishibashi Flower Shop


· Kanata Tsunenaki · Tanaka Kazuya and the staff (Tanaka architecture) · Mr. Masao Ginta · Mr. and Mrs. Shida (Stove Bee) · Mr. Iwashige · Mr. Masao Shimizu (cave) · Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamoto · Mr. Yoshinori Okada · Sakae Mr. Yuzuhara (Mr. Takano, Hida-shi) Tadashi Sakamoto (Itabashi Flower Shop), Mr. Yuhei Toda, Mr. Yuhei Toda · Mr. Boku Lingerie and Mr. Sakana Nonaka · Mr. Hirogumi Hamada · Mr. Rika Suemaga · Kimiko Fukuda, Kazuki Shimizu · Takamura Pleasant people and their friends

Everyone who together raised the autumn festival

· Kazunori Oki (NISSHA) · Hirobe Yannosama (NISSHA) · Nakamura Mikihiro (Hida City Hall) · Takeda Shinji (Hida City Hall) · Itoi Naomi · Mr. Hitoshi Yumi · Mr. Chikako · Fujiwara Takuma · Shiroishi Tomomi Mr. Fumihara Kimi-sama, Ikuma-sama · Thanksgiving party, Ms. Natsumi (Hida City Library), Junko Morimoto (Ichinoyamachi Coffee shop), Sho Kituhei (Kobishitei), Katsuyoshi Okubo Okubo Confectionary Store) · Kanemi Inanoharu (Ino Hirohiro Miso Senbei) · Shu Masao Kuwahara · Satoshi Watanabe · Mr. Iki Kaiseama (Atelier Light) · Mr. Kiso · Momo Momoyo · Mr. Shun Horiki · Chizuaki Ishizuka Mr. Keita Saito (LIQUIDWORKS), Naoto Yamaguchi (IDEASKETCH), Kaoruko Naoi (IDEASKETCH), Akiko Okada, Mr. Koji Ozawa, Mr. Koharu (Yanagisawa Forestry), Apollo sing-o-sama, and finally, Loftwork Thanks to my colleagues, Hidakuma / FabCafe Hida ‘s colleagues. Thank you very much for your generous support and guidance.