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Introduction of FabCafe Hida’s winter menu

Hello. It is Ito, I joined FabCafe Hida from October.

Hida Kogawa where the first snow fell and the real cold started. I will introduce three new menus that you would like to appreciate in such winter. In FabCafe Hida we serve desserts such as FAB parfait and Ice sandwich which used the sashimi of Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Makishi and Mr. Inenohiro Miso rice cracker, but only a limited cake is offered for a limited time only was. We decided to develop a cake that used seasonal fruits from the customer's voice that we would like us to normally go to the west.

Very delicious fruits are produced in Hida every season. Speaking of pretty lovely red fruits from autumn … Yes, it is an apple!

 "image3 " "image9 "

The apple grew up with delicious air and water of Hida, plenty of farmers' affection, so delicious and nutritious is also a perfect score. Using such an apple,

I tried developing a warm apple pie.

I have used apple pie apple to use the cinnamos – sweet of Kuroi Inland Orchard of Hida Kagawa River. I am using the delicious apples lavishly as they are.  "image13 "
Make a jam, make a filling, make it a semi dry, thoroughly, simmer, bake it. Sweet scent makes the kitchen happy space. We can also offer you the pleasure and pleasure of making "making".

 "image8 "

 "image4 " "image10 "
 "image12 "

The thus prepared apple pie was accompanied by vanilla ice cream and apple jam made from Mr. Maki 's thick milk.


The other is a scone that fills a little hungry.

 "image1 "

For simple whole grain plain scones, we decided to try "special feeling" and "satisfaction" by adding seasonal jam and cream cheese. Kiwi of Kiwi Jam always got flowers in FabCafe Hida Mr. Nishimura gave me valuable things raised in his own field, so I gave him a courtesy call.


Sometimes apple jam, sometimes with kiwi jam.

 "image7 "

Lastly, "Sweet Chai" which was popular last year!

 "image 11 "

I used sake liquor of Hida Kagawa river, Watanabe Sake brewer and Kamo Shuzo sake cake, sweet sake made with boiled ginger and spice is heart-warming.

 "image14 "

It is a woodcutter, FAB, cuisine, everything is a sense of happiness that can not be said about making things carefully, gradually and crisply over one thing. Is not it the most enjoyable time in winter?

After making things in FabCafe Hida's workshop, please come to FabCafe with a breath.

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